CH Barway's HarKlith Dita Of Khan

CH Ridgeland's Magnum

CH X-Pert Sligo's King Kong

CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet

Harber's Jim Dandy

CH Harber's Blue Velvet

CH Ruffian Harper Of Har-Wyn

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In 1983 Barbara Hambleton decided to outcross her tight X-Pert breeding. Her choise was - to use Ch.Saben's Gensis Khan, mostly California lines dog. So, September 14, 1983 litter was born out of Ch.Gensis Khan x Ch.Barway's Jabber Jaws. Superb bitch was born there, her name is Ch.Barway's Harklith Dita of Khan. Here is her pedigree.

 CH Saben's Gensis Khan  CH Stafford's Saben Rose  CH Pete's Chip Of Devil
 CH Stafford's Highland Queen
 Farsdale's Molly Maguire  CH Archer's Diablo Bandido II
 Farlsdale's Little Baroness
 CH Barway's Jabber Jaws  Otis Captain Sinbad  CH X-Pert Caps Boss Of Barway
 E Robison Ginger
 Barway's Miss Piggy  CH X-Pert Captain Jingles
 X-Pert Golden Faun

Harold bred tight on K.O. and Boots and recieved black & white male Card's Tacoma Rebel Yell, whelped December 27,1983. This boy was the grandson of Harold's female Stronghold's Storm Queen (out of K.O.'s sister - Danao Tiny Dancer). Unfortunately Harold didn't recieve offspring out of Rebel Yell.

In 1983 CH X-Pert Hurricane Hanna was bred to CH X-Pert Ragtime Rufus. On July 9, 1983 CH Ridgeland's Magnum was born. Magnum was owned by Larry & Sue Govedich. Here is his pedigree

 CH X-Pert Ragtime Rufus  CH Sligo McCarthy  X-Pert Brindle Tiger
 X-Pert Brindle Nellie
 Terrytown's Gala Lil  Concho's El Diablo
 Terrytown's Tara Of Sertoma
 CH X-Pert Hurricane Hanna  CH Fraja Don Quixote  CH Sligo McCarthy
 CH Fraja Maria's Tia Maria
 CH X-Pert Bruyette Beauty  CH X-Pert Roman Grit
 CH X-Pert Lady Charo

In 1983 Nancy & Edward Beers bred Ch.X-Pert Beers' Sadie A Lady to Ch.Sligo McCarthy. Magnificient Ch.X-Pert Sligo's King Kong was born there. 

Here is his pedigree.

 CH Sligo McCarthy  X-Pert Brindle Tiger  X-Pert Brown's Northern Yuma
 X-Pert Black Nellie
 X-Pert Brindle Nellie  X-Pert Brindle Rocky
 CH X-Pert Glamorous Goldie
 CH X-Pert Beers Sadie A Lady  CH Fraja Don Quixote  CH Sligo McCarthy
 CH Fraja Maria's Tia Maria
 CH X-Pert Bruyette Beauty  CH X-Pert Roman Grit
 CH X-Pert Lady Charo

In 1985 Margaret Teller, Pinehaven Kennels, bred X-Pert Alabama Buzzsaw to Harber's Tex Rock Bold Imp. Paul Liles was the breeder of Buzzsaw. Margaret lived in Grand Bay, Alabama. Alabama Buzzsaw was very tightbred Black Nellie bitch, her coefficient of inbreeding was 35% and was the product of a half brother half sister mating. In 1986 one of Buzzsaw's pups, Pinehaven's Right Impression was bred to a dog Jerry Wood produced, High Power Pack of Pinehaven, who was doublebred Harber's Jim Dandy (CH Scott's Bleu Brutus x Concho's Honey Girl) son. It was second time when Ruffian blood was crossed into the X-Pert bloodline. CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet was born there.

CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony with Pinehaven's Right Impression

Here is CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet pedigree.

 High Power Pack Of Pinehaven  Harber's Jim Dandy  CH Scott's Bleu Brutus
 Concho's Honey Girl
 CH Harber's Blue Velvet  Harber's Jim Dandy
 Harber's Pagan Princess
 Pinehaven's Right Impression  Harber's Tex-Rock Bold Imp  CH Tryarr Red Rascal
 Harber's Pookey Sue
 X-Pert Alabama Buzzsaw  CH Kandoo Kool Kustomer
 X-Pert Southern Belle

Harber's Ruffian stuff was built on O.L.Hill's dogs mostly. Hill bred them true to their original function. Hill used CH Ruffian Harper Of Har-Wyn more than any other dog in his breeding program, the dog was high drive and was well known in that time. By the way, he was inbred on Sky King Of Har-Wyn, who won National Specialty 2 times: in 1965 and 1967. 

Nationals Winner 1965, 67 CH Sky King Of Har-Wyn

Here is CH Ruffian Harper Of Har-Wyn ped.

 CH Sky King Of Har-Wyn  X-Pert Rowdy Rascal  X-Pert Red Rascal
 CH X-Pert Gallant Lady
 Ruffian Gerty Of Har-Wyn  CH The Ruffian Of Har-Wyn
 Ruffian Sika Of Har-Wyn
 CH Ruffian Texas Queen Of Har-Wyn  CH Sky King Of Har-Wyn  X-Pert Rowdy Rascal
 Ruffian Gerty Of Har-Wyn
 Tonkawa Little Missy  Ruffian Ready Of Har-Wyn
 CH Ruffian Golden Miss Of H-W


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